What We Do
We protect, serve, educate, and minister to children at risk by supporting organizations that have resources and the reputation of saving lives – both physically and spiritually.  We are passionate about putting our faith in action and not just funding – but doing – what governments fail to do; faithfully demonstrate God’s love by ministering to the poor and oppressed. 


"The first time I heard Amy speak of her ministry in Uganda, I felt a deep tug in my heart to be part of the work she had begun. By God's grace, I was able to travel to Kampala in June 2008 and experience life from God's perspective, because truly, that is what happens when you undertake this kind of mission experience. I cuddled 7 month old orphans, gave out literally 100's of hugs, listened to people of all ages tell me their stories, shared my lunch with a complete stranger who didn't speak my language, cried countless tears over the many, many sad situations and had the chance to offer up fervent prayers for the people of Uganda. I was able to be present, speak and express encouragement for a people who desperately need to know they are loved and valued. The work the Rogers started has certainly impacted the lives of all the people they have touched; both in Uganda and Seattle."

 – Carrie Young
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